FD1094/FD-1094 Sega ROM Downloads

These ROMs are for resurrecting original Sega arcade boards/PCB's only. These original Sega boards are called suicide boards, and will eventually die via battery-backed RAM that contains decryption code for the encrypted ROMs. The following files are decrypted ROMs. They are not to be used with (and will not work in) MAME.

This content was originally hosted at http://dion.byethost5.com . That site is gone, I've mirrored the items here for everyone's benefit (with written permission). All of the credit for the work involved goes to Dion.

To utilize these ROMs, determine which board you have by Sega P/N. Burn new ROMs, swap the FD-1094 chip with a standard 68000 processor. Enjoy your non-suicidal game.

If you can't burn ROMs, contact the fine people at http://segaresurrection.com/. They will sell you the pre-burned ROM chips and a replacement processor.

Sega P/N MAME Description Link
317-0169B A.B. Cop
317-0148 Alien Storm (set 3, World, 3 Players)
317-0146 Alien Storm (set 1, Japan, 2 Players)
317-0147 Alien Storm (set 2, US, 3 Players)
317-0116 Bay Route (set 3, World)
317-0115 Bay Route (set 2, Japan)
317-0139 Bloxeed (Japan)
317-0176 Clutch Hitter (set 2, US)
317-0175 Clutch Hitter (set 1, Japan)
317-0181A Cotton (set 3, World)
317-0179A Cotton (set 1, Japan)
317-0180 Cotton (set 2, US)
317-0190 D. D. Crew (set 4, World, 3 Player)
317-0187 D. D. Crew (set 1, World, 4 Player)
317-0184 D. D. Crew (set 2, World, 2 Player)
317-0182 D. D. Crew (set 5, Japan, 2 Player)
317-0186 D. D. Crew (set 3, US, 4 Player)
317-0096 Dynamite Dux (set 2)
317-0196 Desert Breaker
317-0130 E-Swat - Cyber Police (set 3, World)
317-0128 E-Swat - Cyber Police (set 1, Japan)
317-0129 E-Swat - Cyber Police (set 2, US)
317-0127A Flash Point (set 2, Japan)
317-0127A Flash Point (set 1, Japan)
317-0166 Laser Ghost (set 2, World)
317-0165 Laser Ghost (set 1, US)
317-0136 Line of Fire / Bakudan Yarou (World)
317-0134 Line of Fire / Bakudan Yarou (Japan)
317-0135 Line of Fire / Bakudan Yarou (US)
317-0143 MVP (set 2, US)
317-0142 MVP (set 1, Japan)
317-0159 Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (set 3, World)
317-0157 Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (set 1, Japan)
317-0158 Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (set 2, US)
317-0080 Passing Shot (World, 2 Players)
317-0074 Passing Shot (World, 4 Players)
317-0070 Passing Shot (Japan, 4 Players)
317-0144 Racing Hero
317-5023 RyuKyu (Japan)
317-0050 Shinobi (set 1, System 16A)
317-0049 Shinobi (set 2, System 16B)
317-0126A Super Monaco GP (set 9, World, Rev B, ‘Twin’)
317-0126 Super Monaco GP (set 7, World, ‘Air Drive Cabinet’)
317-0126A Super Monaco GP (set 8, World, Rev A)
317-0124A Super Monaco GP (set 2, Japan, Rev B)
317-0125A Super Monaco GP (set 6, US, Rev C)
317-0125A Super Monaco GP (set 5, US, Rev B)
317-0125A Super Monaco GP (set 4, US, Rev A)
317-0125A Super Monaco GP (set 3, US)
317-0053 Sonic Boom
317-0093 Tetris (set 4, Japan, System 16A)
317-0091 Tetris (set 1, Japan, System 16B)
317-0092 Tetris (set 2, Japan, System 16B)
317-0093A Tetris (set 3, Japan, System 16A)
317-0056 Thunder Blade (upright)
317-0109 Turbo Out Run (cockpit)
Unknown Turbo Out Run (upright)
317-0084 Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (set 1)
317-0085 Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (set 2, Japan)
317-0089 Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (set 3, World)
317-0087 Wonder Boy III - Monster Lair (set 4, Japan)
317-0090 Wrestle War (set 1, Japan)
317-0102 Wrestle War (set 2, World)
317-0197B Wally wo Sagase! (rev B, Japan)
317-0197A Wally wo Sagase! (rev A, Japan)



Version Name Link
887JAA02 Dance Dance Revolution Arcade 3rd MIX Jap