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Pinball Parlour (Earlington, PA)



Cyclone according to the IPD (With some minor additions from me):

Date:   February 1988
Max # of Players:   4
Manufacturer:   Williams
Model Number:   564
Theme:   Happiness - Circus/Carnival
Features:   2 Flippers, 2 Ramps, Center Post
Toys:   Ferris Wheel
Designer:   Barry Oursler
Artwork:   Python Anghelo
Software:   Python Anghelo
Mechanics:   Joe Joos, Jr.
Music   Chris Granner
Slogans:   It'll blow you away!
From the most powerful force in the pinball universe. Feel it and be awed!
Ride Cyclone ... for a streak of good luck!

I purchased my Cyclone from a local vendor who sells to home collectors/buyers. As part of the deal, the machine was as-is and unshopped. This machine is in terrible shape. I have finished refurbishing this machine to the point that it is for sale.

From the before-shopping pictures, you can see how horribly beaten these machines get over their lives on location. This machine was operated by one of the vendors in the Philly area that was notorious for NEVER cleaning or fixing their machines. When the guy sold Cyclone to me, he said that it was in such bad shape that he couldn't even break even on it after investing the time and money to fix it. I got a great deal on it, and just finished shopping it. I'm a collector, so money really is no object, unlike the person I got this from, I don't care about turning profit. It was a long road (eight months, working on it sporadically), but Cyclone is looking good! Three words... Full-Playfield-Mylar. 'Nuff Said.

What I have gone through during the extensive shopping process:

- Full playfield strip, clean (Novus #2), wax (Maguire's Carnuba)
- Full playfield rebuild, cleaning each individual part (Novus #1 for all plastic parts, including ramps) before reinstallation
- Hand cleaned each plastic post with a toothbrush and ammonia-based window cleaner (helps to cut wax)
- Polished all metal pieces with Novus #2 (adds great shine)
- Replaced all rubber rings
- Replaced all lamps and flashers with new (including new #1251's)
- Replaced all three bumper caps
- Replaced Slingshots with Alan Meyer Repros
- Replaced missing shooter-lane plastic with used, but nice plastic acquired from another collector
- Replaced a rollover guide (was wrong color)
- Replaced ball with new
- Cleaned and fixed drop-target assembly
- Replaced drive belt (O-Ring) on Ferris Wheel
- Repaired Playfield above rollovers (insert numbers were missing)
- New Williams Flipper Bats
- Rebuilt common wear parts on the flipper assemblies
- Repaired GI Board on whiteboard in Backbox (sockets needed to be resoldered)
- Repaired numerous header solder breaks on ALL of the boards
- Replaced missing flipper driver board
- Repaired Display Board (After DAYS of troubleshooting, found two bad displays, two bad UDN7180A's, two bad UDN6118 buffers)
- Repaired Defective Solenoid/Flasher Drive Transistor
- Lubricated all metal-on-metal pivot points
- Realigned slingshot switches
- Realigned numerous miscellaneous playfield switches

What could probably still stand to be done:

- Repaint/Touch-up Cabinet
- Legs Cleaned
- New Playfield Glass
- Possibly Remove Previous Repairs and Re-Do
- New Translite (The one that's on it isn't too bad) and get new channels to hold it on

Here are the After-Shopping Pictures of Cyclone! See the bottom of the page for links to the unshopped and playfield refurbishment pictures.



A general overview picture of the upper playfield area. A general overview picture of the lower playfield area.



The lower area of the playfield on Cyclone is especially prone to wear. There isn't a bit of wear on mine, thanks to the mylar! Most of the times, the wording on the inserts is completely gone, this one is totally intact! Very rare to see a Cyclone in this nice of shape. This shot shows the boomerang scoop area of the Cyclone playfield. There is a very small wear spot here because the mylar doesn't cover this area, and it is a very high-traffic spot.



A picture of the shooter lane area. Shows the unbroken plastic over the one-way gates, the duck Shooting Gallery targets, and the entrance to the Cyclone Ramp. If you look closely, you can see the minor crack on the right-side of the Cyclone ramp. This shot shows the new (reproduction) slingshot plastics that I installed. They were expertly reproduced by Alan Meyer.



A full view of the playfield. A view of the entrance to the Spookhouse. This is also a good view of the repaired section of the Comet ramp.



The ball toss targets. The display panel. Two displays are brand new, the other two were already nice and not in need of replacement. All four are bright and strong!



A shot of the whole machine. The coin door area. Shows a bit of route wear.



The left-hand side of the cabinet. Shows the some of the route wear that this game has endured. Amazingly enough, there is no sun fading on any area of this machine! The right-hand side of the cabinet. Definitely the better of the two sides.



This picture shows where some of the paint is flaking off of the left side of the cabinet. This should not be difficult to touch-up, but I have not tried my hand at cabinet touch-ups yet. Shows more of the paint wear on the left side of the cabinet.



A few scratches, but only one major chip on the right-hand side of the head. Would be very easy to touch up. The head is very nice compared to the rest of the cabinet. The rear area of the cabinet. Shows a patching that was done to the game. Despite the patch, the game is structurally sound. This was on the game when I got it, so I'm not entirely sure what it is covering. This shot also shows some more paint wear.



This picture shows cracking in the Ferris Wheel exit ramp. Cracking has been repaired with epoxy and bolstered from behind with a 1/16" thick piece of plexiglass. This plexi was adhered to the length of the ramp with epoxy. The patch is incredibly strong, and should hold up for a long time. I did not do this repair, it was like this when I got it. An attempt to show some of the minor cracking around the exit hole in the Cyclone ramp. There is no major problem here.



This is the most commonly broken piece on every Cyclone machine in existance. The ramp entrance is broken on this machine, but has been repaired very well. I got the machine with this patch already installed, but took the liberty to add some epoxy and use adhesive mylar over the whole area to try and smooth out the repaired area. The repair consists of a piece of sheet metal that is bent to the exact size of the entry way, and riveted and epoxied to the underside of the ramp. The entrance is very strong now, and should give years of enjoyment. The entrance to the Cyclone Ramp. There is a small piece of the entrance missing on the right-hand side of this ramp. It is very hard to see in this picture. The missing piece is not a structural problem, and the ramp is still nice and strong.



This is a picture of the whiteboard (behind the backglass) and also shows the spinning mystery wheel assembly. The rear of the whiteboard. Shows the lamp boards, and the back of the mystery wheel assembly.



The inside of the backbox. All boards are in excellent shape. The back of the display board. In very good shape. You can see the rosin residue on the solder leads of the Player 1 display, this was a previous owner's work. It is solid (albeit sloppy), and there is no damage to the board, so I did not clean it up.



One of the serial number tags in the backbox. No. 100?! The entire time I've had this game, I've been curious if it was a prototype, but have come to the conclusion that it was just made very early in the production run. It *MAY* have been one of the test games. The software is labelled "Proto" and the playfield is labelled "Preliminary". You be the judge. My current high score.



This plastic is always broken on the Cyclone machines. It breaks due to the location it is in (and how thin it is in this section), the rubber beneath it is the area the ball slams into off of the plunger shot. I have a better (not missing a chunk, but still cracked) plastic to replace this, but have not replaced it due to the fact that it will just break again. The way the slings looked before replacement.

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